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 +**Switchable boost**
 +This allows a ‘LOW’ boost setting to be used when a switch is applied. It must be one of the existing inputs to the SMEC (Cruise, A/C, P/N switch, etc.). But, these can be ‘doubled up’ – IE, you can have the cruise on/off switch work for both hi/lo boost as well as cruise. This is similar in operation to the S60 boost switch feature, though without the timing adjustment for low octane fuel.
 +To enable this feature, go to '​Setup',​ 'Cal Configuration',​ '​CalCustomOptionsConfig1'​ in the MP Tune editor window. Check the box for '​Switchable Boost'​. It's now turned on.
 +The only config options for switchable boost are the '​Lo'​ boost setting - 'Boost Control',​ '​Target Lookup',​ '​AllowedBoostLo'​. This is a constant value and is not dependent on any other factors. And, the boost switch - 'Boost Control',​ '​Target Lookup',​ '​HighBoostSwitchSelect'​.