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-put info on manually configuring ​FTDI with FTPROG here+ 
 +====Manual configuration of the FTDI chip in the USB to SCI cable==== 
 +**When this is required:​** 
 +USB to SCI cables purchased from BoostButton have already had these steps performed for your convenience,​ so you should not need to do them. 
 +If you are using another FTDI based USB to SCI cable, you will need to make sure these steps are performed. For advanced users only. 
 +  - Plug the FTDI cable into your PC and let Windows run the 'found new hardware'​ deal. 
 +  - Once Windows has installed the cable, DL and run FTProg from FTDI. [[http://​www.ftdichip.com/​Support/​Utilities.htm|FTProg]] 
 +  - Hit 'Scan and Parse' to find the cable. 
 +    - {{scandevices.jpg}} 
 +  - Go to the IO settings and change the Rx and Tx to invert. 
 +    - {{inverttxdrxd.jpg}} 
 +  - Next you need to configure the cable to load the D2xx driver. 
 +    - {{loadd2xx.jpg}} 
 +  - Press '​Program'​ to update the settings to the cable. 
 +  - Unplug the cable and re-insert it; let Windows re-run the 'found new hardware'​ deal again.