Adding a Pin to the SMEC or SBEC 60-way connector

These instruction will show you how to add a pin/wire to the 60-way connector of the SMEC or SBEC. The added wire can be used, for example, to reflash the ECU, or to add an Intake Air Temp sensor.

  1. Obtain a pin and wire from a spare harness or at the local junkyard (BoostButton also stocks them).
  2. Carefully pry the red plastic inserts from the 60-way with a small flat screwdriver or knife.
  3. Then the gray plastic 60-way housing needs to be drilled out slowly with the right size drill bit.
  4. Insert the salvaged wire and pin into the new hole from the wire side of the connector.
    • A small nub of the gray plastic leftover from the drilling process should be pushed out, if it hasn’t already fallen out.
  5. Reinsert the red piece and you are done.

For the bootstrap (flash) wire on a SMEC, the pin needs to be added to cavity #11.

The pictures show a pin being added to cavity #42.

Please note the difference when you go to drill your 60way connector.

  • Get a spare pin from a junk harness plug.
  • Insert the screwdriver or knife here.
  • Pry a small amount at a time, until…
  • …the red piece is all the way out.
  • Drill through the gray part from the harness side, but don't go too deep.
    • (please note - the pin being added below is pin #42, NOT #11).
  • Push out the gray plastic nub thru the front side.
  • This is Pin 11 (used for bootstrapping/flashing a SMEC).
  • Insert the new pin all the way until it stops (it will ‘click’), then push the red piece back in.